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Your input is needed:

Within the course of the project we are continuously looking for VET practitioners primarily from the transport and logistics sector in order to get your feedback and input on different aspects of project work. 

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Expected results

In order to reach the project aim the project partners further develop and implement the support structures drafted in the framework of the EQF Predict project and relates them specifically to the needs of VET practitioners (such as HRD personal in enterprises, trainer, teachers and education managers in VET providing organisations and other personal in charge of applying EQF and ECVET into VET praxis) in the transport and logistics sector.

These euVETsupport services and facilities will include among others

  • an online portal with European and country specific support information regarding practical ECVET and EQF application oriented on the specific needs of VET practitioners,
  • a consultation forum connected to this portal that provides VET practitioners with expert and peer support when applying these European instruments at practical level,
  • guides on proper application of EQF and ECVET principles in VET praxis,
  • virtual, regional and national workshops to prepare VET practitioners for the ECVET and EQF implementation and
  • a tutorial that introduces VET practitioners into the European transparency instruments.

Furthermore the project will contribute a number of additional reports and studies on the practical application of EQF and ECVET in VET practice.