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Within the course of the project we are continuously looking for VET practitioners primarily from the transport and logistics sector in order to get your feedback and input on different aspects of project work. 

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Final partner meeting, Berlin (DE), 10 Septemebr 2014

euVETsupport ended where it began: in Berlin. The euVETsupport partners came together a last time within the framework of the project on September 10th in Berlin in order to discuss the final implementation steps as well as the conclusion and follow up of the euVETsupport project.

Among othes the euVETsupport portal has been reviewed a final time by the partners incl. all the different support facilities that have been developed throughout the overall project duration. The final result has been impressive for all partners involved because it by far exceeded the original expectations on this what would be possible during the projects lifetime.

But also the future of euVETsupport has been brainstormed on and all partners agreed that the work on euVETsupport should be continued. The different ideas in order to continue euVETsupport are currently further explored and will lead to a final project sustainability strategy for euVETsupport.

A successfull project has been concluded in Berlin (DE) in September 2014.


4th partner meeting, Dublin (IE), 12/13 March 2014

The 4th partner meeting in Dublin shortly before St. Patricks Day focused on the realisation of the euVETsupport learning elements. We discussed the final settings for our euVETsupport ILIAS learning platform, webinars to be offered in the framework of euVETsupport and the final steps for the revision of our portal based on the experiences and feedback we collected so far from test users.

A major point of discussion has also been the euVETsupport final conferences taking place in September 2014 in Berlin. The partners agreed to implement an EN-speaking conference on supporting EQF and ECVET implementation in general addressing primarily multipliers and professional supporters/ facilitators in this field and a DE-speaking conference day on the learning outcomes approach within transport and logistics addressing primarily transport and logistics stakeholders in Germany. In this way the consortium tries to address the interests and capacities of the partners involved in the project.

The final project meeting will take place in Berlin (DE) in September 2014. The project will come to its finals at this project meeting and the partners will discuss the content wise and administrative closing of the euVETsupport project.
(foto credit: (c) William Murphy / flickr.com)

3rd partner meeting, Vienna (AT), 5/6 September 2013

This 3rd project meeting was devoted to the transition between the preparation and the testing phase of the project. This means the research and preparatory elements of project work have been finalised and the implementation of testing has been discussed by the project partners.

Besides the final discussion of the research work implemented within the project, the major emphasis of the meeting discussion has been on the euVETsupport portal and the realisation of the tutorials on learning outcomes orientation, mobility, recruitment, assessment, quality and fair mobility. Those will be tested during the following project months.

The next meeting will take place in Dublin (IE) in March 2014. At this point in time we to discuss our testing results and the necessary modifications on the euVETsupport facilities.

2nd partner meeting, Paris (FR), 21/22 March 2013

We layed grounds for our euVETsupport portal within our second partner meeting in Paris hosted by AFT (FR) in March 2013.

The needs and interests as well as the possible benefits of our portals potential users have been the major subject of our discussion. Questions such as the added value of our portal for our target groups as well as ways to make the portal attractive for users have been discussed by the project partners. At the end we closed the meeting with a good idea in mind how our portal should look like and what we need to take into consideration in order to make it usable and useful for VET providers and HR departments.

The next meeting will take place in Vienna (AT) in September 2013. At this point in time we already want to discuss the first preliminary draft of our euVETsupport portal incl. the majority of its facilities.

1st project meeting, Berlin (DE), 29/30 October 2012

The first project meeting took place in October 2012 at the premisses of DEKRA Hochschule in Berlin. The partners discussed the overall workplan and agreed on first steps for the overall implementation of the projects different working areas.

Especially the initial research to be conducted and the development of the euVETsupport portal have been discussed as working areas that start directly after the projects kick-off. In addition the predecessor project EQF Predict and its major results the "EQF adaptation support portal" and the "Recommendations for setting up an EQF consultation service" have been presented to and discussed by the partnership.

First project results are expected already for the 2nd project meeting in Paris (FR) in March 2013.