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Within the course of the project we are continuously looking for VET practitioners primarily from the transport and logistics sector in order to get your feedback and input on different aspects of project work. 

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The euVETsupport portal

The euVETsupport portal is available for public use at www.euVETsupport.eu. Please feel free to use it and to send any feedback you might have to registration@euVETsupport.eu. Although our initial development and testing phase is over we are always looking forward to implement improvements and extentions.

euVETsupport EQF/ECVET introduction clips

The euVETsupport video tutorials are available on our YouTube channel for further use in the framework of other projects, initiatives and multiplication activities. Please use them by referring to euVETsupport as the original source.

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Please access the following OneDrive folder in order to download languages packages with the video tutorials in order to use them also offline:

Guidelines for VET practitioners


Results of the initial research within euVETsupport

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